dec 1, 2014

Alien didaktik – fragmenter til forløsning af teknologiens potentiale

Uffe Lyngdal Sørensen
Alien didaktik fragmenter til forløsning af teknologiens potentiale

I: Institut for Æstetik og Kommunikation, IT-didaktisk design, Aarhus Universitet


This thesis argues for a re-drawing of the distinction between human and technology.

By drawing on Bruno Latours Actor-Network theory and Object Oriented Ontology the thesis argues for a flat ontology where subjects become object to objects, where all things equally exist, but do not exist equally. (Bogost 2012:11)

By drawing on Graham Harmans concept of Tool-beings and Levi Bryants radicalization of Luhmanns systems theory this thesis creates the concept of an alien didactics. It is argued that technology can be seen and explored as operationally closed and selective open resting on the same ontological level as humans, and that this approach is vital if we want to explore, understand and get a glimpse of the potentiality of the withdrawn powers of technology.

Furthermore the thesis suggests four methodological approaches to capture some of the potential that lies withdrawn in the vitual prober being of technologies.

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