mar 3, 2017

Object-­Oriented Education

Lyngdal Sørensen, Uffe og Pasgaard, Niels Jakob

I: NERA 2017 – Learning and education – material conditions and consequences


Based  on  Object-­‐Oriented  Philosophy (Harman 2005, Boogost 2010)  it  is  argued  that  school  must  be  a  suspension  of  the  order  and   answers  we  have  created  in  our  anthropocentric  perception  of  the  world,  a  suspension  that  frees  the   objects  from  the  responses  and  preconceptions  that  we  have  laid  down  upon  them.  

School  must  be   an  institution  for  re-­enchantment  of  the  world  (Oral  2013),  a  place  where  objects  are  given  the   freedom  to  present  their  own  intentions to  us.  Teaching  must  allow  students  to  dwell  in  the   questions  that  stem  from  the  meeting  between  their  own  perceptions  and  understandings  and  the   intentions  and  otherness  of  the  objects  of  the  world.

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The 45th Congress of the Nordic Educational Research Association (NERA)  in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Varighed: 23 March. 2017 → 25 March. 2017
Konferencens nummer: 45th